Take the Five Day Facebook Ads Challenge and Learn How to...
Create a Facebook Ads Sales Funnel that Will Convert Strangers into Customers!
My Five Day Challenge is Ideal for Newbies who Want to Learn How to Create Successful Facebook Ads and is the Perfect Solution for Advertisers that are Struggling to Create Profitable Advertising Campaigns.
By the End of the Challenge You Will Know...
 How to Overcome the Biggest Targeting Mistake Businesses Make on Facebook
 How to Pinpoint Your Ideal Customers on Facebook
 How to Win the Battle for Attention in the Facebook Newsfeed
 How to Design a Facebook Advertising Funnel that Converts Strangers into Customers in Four Simple Steps
 How to Automate Your Marketing With Retargeting Strategies
Who Should Take the Five Day Facebook Ads Challenge?
The Five Day Facebook Ads Challenge is perfect for business owners or marketers who want to learn how to increase sales and grow their profits predictably.
Have you been trying to use Facebook Ads to increase your sales? 

Have you boosted posts but seen very little return on investment aside from some likes and shares?

Have you been struggling to get to grips with the Ads Manager platform? 

If that sounds like you, then you should definitely take the Five Day Challenge. 

If you're somewhat new to online marketing (or just a Facebook Ads newbie) then you will save a small fortune and a hell of a lot of time by taking this challenge.

On the other hand, if you have been using Facebook Ads WITHOUT making significant profits then you will learn how to make changes that will instantly impact the performance of your Facebook Advertising campaigns.
PS. The Facebook Ads Challenge is not suitable for advanced Facebook advertisers.
Why Should You Listen to Me?
"The best thing about Colm is that he's constantly learning, tweaking things and letting us know how we can improve stuff. 

Unlike some people selling Facebook Courses, you can be sure with Colm that his advice and content is coming right from the trenches, as they say.

His stuff is about what's working right now... not what worked 6 months ago. And that makes all the difference.

I highly recommend Colm, so much so, that we give his contact details to every one of the client's we build Sales Funnels for!"
Rob Abbey, Owner, Funnel.Vision
"Colm has a great insight into FB advertising and is completely up to date with all new features and changes that FB are constantly making to the platform.

I have used Colm's services to build and implement new and exciting strategies that have had astonishing results and given my clients amazing ROI. 

Colm is without doubt one of the top FB advertisers in the country. 

Whether you are a small business starting out or a multinational company that needs expert help, Colm has a strategy to help you succeed."
David Carroll, Owner, West Cork Online
Likes & Shares Don't Pay the Bills!
Learn How to Design Your Very Own Successful Facebook Ads Sales Funnel in Just Five Days and Start to Convert Strangers into Customers!
"Bumped My Conversion By 465.34% In 2 Hours!"
Mister Man
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