Do You Want to Learn How to Use Facebook Ads Like a Pro Without Wasting Your Time & Money?

Are You Fed Up Creating Posts that Get Little or No Engagement and Never Bring in Any Sales? 

Did You Know that Pressing the Boost Button is the LEAST EFFECTIVE Way of Advertising on Facebook?
You've probably heard business owners and marketers say stuff like...

"It's easier, quicker and more effective to use Facebook Advertising than constantly posting on social media"

"I've wasted so much money pressing that bloody blue Boost Button on Facebook"

"Facebook Advertising is the most cost effective advertising tool for smal business owners"

Seems a bit contradictory,  eh?

Facebook Advertising can allow you to reach your ideal customers with a small budget (especially if you are a local business) and it can provide you with an easy-to-use, instant advertising platform if you know how to use Ads Manager. 

At the same time, if you're only using the Blue Boost Button or you are struggling through Ads Manager, you are probably going to waste a fortune and need a constant supply of Solpadeine to deal with all the headaches that the Ads Manager Platform will give you.

For most people, their first experience with Facebook Advertising is through using that Big Blue Boost Button that hovers under every post you make on your business page. 

It's very tempting to click that Boost Button in response to those Facebook notifications like "Your post is now performing better than 85% of your posts. Boost this post to reach 17,000 people in your local area for €5."

What some business owners don't realize is that while the Boost Button will help you to get some extra "likes & shares" there another side to Facebook Advertising that will allow you to generate a consistent stream of sales and customers when you know what to do.

Facebook Advertising allows you (when you know what you're doing) to pinpoint your ideal customer through demographics, interests and online behaviour then take them on a journey from the point of awareness to the point of purchase using retargeting strategies.

But, don't believe the hype. 

It's not as easy as it sounds...

Once you go Beyond the Boost Button, you will find that the Facebook Ads Manager platform is a complicated minefield full of technical terminology and an array of different options, choices and buttons to push (and in some cases, ones not to push).

After hours and hours of pulling their hair out, most people finally manage to create their very first Facebook Ad and quickly jump to give themselves a self-congratulatory pat on the back.

Then they sit back, and wait for their "6-figure laptop lifestyle" to appear out of thin air. 

However, the majority of people come to realize pretty quickly that the celebrations were a bit premature and they've wasted their money with a very poor attempt at advertising. 

While it's relatively easy to create an advert on Facebook (credit to Zucks for making it so easy for us to give him money) knowing how to design a Facebook Ad Campaign that actually creates a profit, and continues to do so, in a predictable manner is a completely different ball game

Most people never get to this stage. 

Most people give up after their first few Facebook ads don't make them a millionaire. 

Most people never bother to put in the work, to test different approachs or to invest in learning from people who have mastered the Facebook Advertising platform.

And that's why you hear stuff like "Facebook Ads don't work", "Facebook Ads don't work for my type of business",  or "Facebook Ads are a waste of money".

It's exactly like saying that "cars don't work" after the first time you try to drive and struggle to even start the car. 

To reach your ideal customers and start getting sales from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, you need to:

Go Beyond the Boost Button...

You need to learn how to use the Ads Manager platform...
You need to learn what buttons to press and what buttons to avoid... 
You need to learn what campaign types work best...
You need to learn how to pinpoint your ideal customers on Facebook...
You need to learn how to create Facebook Ads that will catch their attention...
You need to learn how to create compelling creatives that persuade your audience... 
You need to learn how to analyze the performance of your campaigns... 
You need to learn how to make changes to optimize the performance of your campaigns...
You need to learn how to bring strangers on a journey with your business from the point of awareness to the point of purchase. 
And you need to learn how to do it in an automated, systematic, predictable manner that won't involve you spending hours and hours creating adverts.

If you choose not to bother learning these few simple techniques, you wll lose a fortune and waste your time with Facebook Advertising. 

The boost button will give you a few extra likes and shares but mastering Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to create structured advertising campaigns to reach your ideal customers on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and beyond. 

If you want to learn how to master the Facebook Ads Manager Platform, you need to sign-up for the Beyond the Boost Button Course Now. 
Why Should You Sign Up to the Beyond The Boost Button Facebook Advertising Course?
The Beyond the Boost Button is a Facebook Advertising Course Specifically Designed to Help Business Owners, Marketers & Entrepreneurs Learn EVERYTHING they Need to Know About the Facebook Ads Manager Platform to Start Promoting Your Business Without Spending  Your Time Creating Content For Social Media & Without Wasting Your Money By Pressing the Blue Boost Button.
Who Should Sign Up to the Beyond The Boost Button Facebook Advertising Course?
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their personal brand and increase their revenue.
  • Business Owners who want to find new customers, increase their profit and scale their business growth without spending hours and hours creating content on social media.
  • Digital Marketers who want to improve the effectiveness of their Facebook Advertising campaigns.
  •  Bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blog, build their audience and monetize their website. 
  •  Facebook Ad Beginners or Newbies who are finding it difficult to decipher the Ads Manager minefield.
  •  Event Organizers who want to learn how to fill their events quickly.
  •  People who are fed up wasting money pushing the big blue boost button.
  •  eCommerce Entrepreneurs who want to increase their Conversion Rates and Reduce Cart  Abandonment rates.
  •  Local Retailers who want to constantly reach their local target market with offers and promotions.
  • Experienced With Facebook Advertising - this course is for Beginners. 
  •  Consistently Creating Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns.
  • Not Willing to Put in the Work and Implement What You Learn.
  •  Looking for a Shiny Tool to Solve All of Your Problems.

Here's What You Will Learn On the Beyond the Boost Button Facebook Advertising Course
  • How to Create Your Facebook Advertising Account
  • How to Create Your Business Manager Account
  •  How to Add Your Team to Your Facebook Ads Account
  •  The Basic Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising in 2019
  •  Common Mistakes that People Make When Advertising on Facebook
  • The Difference Between Campaigns, Ad Sets & Ads?
  •  How to Choose the Correct Campaign Objective for Different Strategies
  •  How to Pinpoint Your Customers Using Facebook's Advanced Targeting Options
  •  The Pro's & Con's to the Different Facebook Ad Placements
  •  How to Choose the Correct Budget & Bid to Guarantee Your Results
  •  How to Schedule Campaigns for Different Times & Days
  •  How & When to Use Accelerated Delivery to Get Your Ad Campaigns Launched Instantly
  •  How to Create Engaging and Effective Facebook Adverts that Actually Get Clicked
  •  How to Create Your Facebook Advertising Pixel to Track Website Visitors & Monitor the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns
  •  How to Create Custom Audiences to Create Specific Advertising Campaigns to People Who Have Already Shown an Interest in Your Brand
  •  How to Create Lookalike Audiences to Leverage Facebook's Data Banks to Find More People Similar to Your Customers
  •  How to Create Custom Conversions to Quickly Monitor the Effectiveness of Your Adverts
  •  How to Create Lead Generation Ads on Facebook Without the Need for a Landing Page
  •  How to Create Carosel Ads to Display a Range of Products & Services
  •  How to Create Collection Ads With Easy-to-Use Templates
  •  How to Create Messenger Campaigns to Start a Conversation With Your Customers
  •  How to Create Dynamic Product Ads for eCommerce Campaigns
  •  How to Create Facebook Offer Ads to Use Coupons & Discounts Without a Website
  •  How to Spy on Your Competitors & Research their Advertising Strategy
  •  How to Analyze Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns Inside Ads Manager
  •  The Key Metrics that You Need to Monitor
  •  Understanding the Messy Minefield of Facebook Analytics
  •  How to Optimize & Scale Your Successful Ad Campaigns
  •  The Tools We Use to Create Successul Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  •  Private Support Group to Ask Questions & Share Your Campaigns 
  •  Recording of My Facebook Ads for Beginners Workshop Presentation
Special Offer Ends on 31st July 2017!
The Real Reasons Why This is The Course For You...

Rob Abbey, Owner, Funnel.Vision

"Colm has worked with us at Funnel.Vision to promote a number of Sales Funnels on Facebook. Sales Funnels convert fantastically, however they are nothing without traffic... and that's always the biggest challenge when getting a new one off of the ground.

Colm has been great in getting around limitations imposed on us by Facebook. He knows the system so well, that he can figure out small changes that make the difference between an ad being rejected, or approved. He has saved us time and money in that regard and I always take his suggestions on board.

The best thing about Colm is that he's constantly learning, tweaking things and letting us know how we can improve stuff. Unlike some people selling Facebook Courses, you can be sure with Colm that his advice and content is coming right from the trenches, as they say.

His stuff is about what's working right now... not what worked 6 months ago. And that makes all the difference. I highly recommend Colm, so much so, that we give his contact details to every one of the client's we build Sales Funnels for!"

Anthony O'Neill, Owner, Clarity Locums

"Colm has delivered outstanding results for Clarity Locums and has modernized our approach to digital marketing. His Facebook Advertising knowledge is second to none, and he is now helping us improve our lead generation for our UK agency. I have also recommended him to several other businesses."

Sharon Messitt, Owner, Little Geek Shack

"Colm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable... he gave me some really valuable advice which I am implementing with great results already.
Colm was very patient and spent alot of time talking to me about different strategies with Facebook Ads. He's the man!"

Dylan Rice, Upfront Digital

"Colm has a wealth of knowledge in Facebook Advertising, it's really helped us and our clients get the online business off the ground. On one of our most recent collaborations, he literally doubled our client's online sales in month one.
Anyone looking to improve their presence on social media or boost online sales. Colm is your guy!"

Edel Boles, Winterfest Mullingar

"Colm Baker was the man behind the marketing strategy for the hugely successful Mullingar Winterfest 2018. During the campaign Colm was innovative, tenacious, dedicated while also being very approachable and extremely easy to work alongside. He was open to suggestions and always available to answer queries. He ran an amazing campaign and the event would not have been the success it was without Colm's hard work. I would highly recommend Colm, I know you will not be disappointed."

Bill Cremin, Cool Running Events

"Colm worked on a recent project where the digital marketing campaign really needed to deliver sales. It did, Colm knocked the ball out of the park, the results far exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Colm and his team."

Ej & Agne Jonelis, Sasta Fitness

"We couldn't praise Colm and his team high enough! This was the best and most profitable decision for our business. Not only Colm is extremely efficient, has great knowledge of Facebook ads and various campaigns, he was very easy to deal with, very quick, efficient and most importantly - extremely effective.    
With only minimal investment for Colm's services and Facebook ads, the return was 10-12 times more and it still keeps growing. Moreover, everything was automated and set so we hardly had any extra admin work BUT SO MANY new customers!  
We would highly recommend Colm as he did tick all the boxes for us and we are SO looking forward to more projects with him and his team!
Thank you, Colm! "

David Carroll, West Cork Online

"Always keen to help and offer great advice, Colm has a great insight into FB advertising and is completely up to date with all new features and changes that FB are constantly making to the platform.
I have used Colm's services to build and implement new and exciting strategies that have had astonishing results and given my clients amazing ROI.
Colm is without doubt one of the top FB advertisers in the country.
Whether you are a small business starting out or a multinational company that needs expert help, Colm has a strategy to help you succeed."

Stephen Cosgrove, The Local Bar

"Colm’s expertise in Social media marketing was second to none.
Colm opened our eyes to what we were doing wrong, what we could improve and how we could make an impact with our local business online. 
By building a strategy that really spoke to and engaged our target market we were able to keep in touch with our customers every day, listening to & then giving them what they wanted.
His creative approach to marketing gave a real personality to our brand and built recognition for our brand as a sports bar.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Colm to local business to help them reach their business goals."

Mickey Hamat

"Colm saved me more than just a few dollars. Colm showed me what most of the 500k videos on Facebook Ads will never show you. How to be able to reach more of your target audience without having a huge advertising budget. And most importantly he helped me setting up a new cheap and predictable way to reach more of my potential clients with just $150 a month."

Aine Mulloy, GirlCrew

"Colm provided very practical and helpful advice in creating a strategy for our company. He shows in incredible depth of knowledge, which is imparted in a very clear manner. A recent hour long call proved more fruitful than our previous research methods combined "

David O'Malley, Owner,

"Colm's straight up approach makes you more receptive to taking on board his well researched and experienced advice. 
If you work with Colm he will be guaranteed to change the way you market your business for the better and increase your sales. 

In one month of managing our Facebook Ads, he increased sales by 1170%, and brought in three times more customers than we managed to in the previous five months."

Austin O'Keeffe, Charity Radio

"I presented a business show on, which is now and had Colm Baker on as a guest to talk about Social Media issues.
I found him to be very knowledgeable about on line marketing and Social Media. He was so informative and gave great tips that I asked him back a second time.
I believe Colm would be the best person to help with on line marketing strategies for any business. "

Sarah Cooney, MerryMe Centre

"Colm went over and above to help me, he gave me an easy to implement Facebook ads strategy and also gave me some marketing tips in general. 
I would highly recommend Colm and booking in for a call with him!"

Aisling Roche, Owner, Velvet Cloud

"Colm's course is exactly what a small business needs to get an understanding of how to effectively use facebook to grow business.
He has a very detailed knowledge and his style of presenting makes absorbing the information so much easier. I now understand the power of Facebook adverts and how to use it to grow our brand.
Thank you Colm I've already recommended this course to three other businesses in my area."

Clara Lambert

"My husband and I are giving Colm Baker a FIVE STAR RATING for his expertise in Digital Marketing. Colm has helped our businesses grow over a few months and has raised the bar in online sales for our advertising campaigns. He is always available to help, and is consistently moving with the times....which is very fast in this online world!"

John Martin Sweeney, Suspended Coffees

"Colm is such a great guy to deal with. His knowledge is far and above any other Facebook specialist I've worked with. He taught so much and knows his stuff big time. I've worked with agency's and many experts but I definitely gained more from Colm than anyone else. Trustworthy, honest and really down to earth, he backs it all up by being a great teacher, too. More than happy to recommend him, you wont be messed around and WILL recieve an exceptional service! Thanks again Colm!"

Aadarsh Pataria,

"Colm has a deep understanding of Facebook advertising. His ideas are unique and original. Definitely a top marketer in his space."

Tony Macken

"I have been a client of Colm Baker for over 12 months and I have found him to be not only an excellent tutor, but he also gives extremely good value in the way that he offers support. He is always giving of his time, beyond the course tuition and you always feel that you are never lost in the IT jungle. If you are thinking about doing a course with him, don't think anymore, just do it. You will not regret it."

Geraldine Donnelly

"Colm has the patience of a saint and is genuine and honest.
He provides 100 percent support and guidance.
He's very approachable and easy to deal with answering all questions.
I've learned lots about Facebook Ads and looking forward to Colm keeping me updated."

Agnieszka Pulfer, Your Coach Studio

"Colm is an extraordinary person when it comes to Facebook Ads! His help, valuable insight and accurate knowledge already brought real results."

Darin Claasen, Owner, Unique Health & Fitness

"I got in touch with Colm to help build my online fitness brand through social media and ultimately help grow online sales. 
His in-depth knowledge of the online marketing world has certainly helped grow my online presence. 
He is always at hand for advice and does loads more than just an online marketer, he has taught me so much about the online world and has even helped manage my online business in ways that give me more time to concentrate on the actual fitness add of it."

Here's Another One from Inside My Facebook Group...
Who is Colm Baker? 
By now, you may be wondering who am I and why should you place your trust in me?

Like most people, I absolutely 100% HATE writing about myself. 

I always cringe with discomfort when talking about myself positively regardless of whether it's a close friend, family member or a hot date from Tinder (ssssh, I can dream!). 

There's just something deep inside me that squirms and wretches when I have to "sell myself". 
Well, there's a couple of reasons really...

Firstly, in a previous life, when I worked as a pharmacist (yes, you read that right, worlds apart from online marketing, I know) I never needed to sell myself. 

I spent four years painstakingly studying the most boring topics known to man during my pharmacy degree (the copious amounts of alcohol consumed really helped me through it), then I had to endure a year's work placement, away from home, on minimum wage, while also doing a compulsory Masters in Pharmacy at the same time!

And this was all before the Grand Daddy of all exams, the dreaded "pre-reg exam" which combined mind-boggling mathematics (that you would never use in your career as a pharmacist) and the most convoluted, ridiculous roleplays (not as fun as what you're thinking) in an attempt to judge if we were safe enough to be let out into the big bad world of pharmacy without killing anybody.

When you eventually qualified everybody (naively) believed you were well prepared and knew what you were doing.

You were well qualified.

Your knowledge was immense (but practically useless) and nobody ever doubted your advice. 

You had authority.

There was no need "to sell myself".
A little picture from my time in McGreals Pharmacy and probably the last time I wore a tie! 
Moving into the Nauseating World of Sleazy Online Marketing Self-Promoters...
When I left the world of pharmacy, I made a commitment to NEVER promote myself online in the way that some slimeball con artists do. I have no aversion to "selling myself" by displaying my knowledge of Facebook Advertising and online marketing in general. 

So, that's the path I chose rather than posing with rented Lambo's, mansions and selling get rich quick schemes.

I've taken the time and spent the money on courses, events and mentors to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to confidently speak about, teach and manage Facebook Ads to and for anybody but I cannot bring myself to use the kind of "get rich quick", overzealous, hyperbole that is everywhere in the world of online marketers. 

Want me to explain the intricacies of Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, Facebook funnels and manual bidding? No problem. 

But if you want me to say I'm a "Marketing Guru" or "Thought Leader" you're barking up the wrong tree. 

Don't get me wrong, this strategy can be very successful (which says more about us as people than anything else) but it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

You won't hear me pitching you the "Laptop Lifestyle", "foolproof methods to make a trillion dollars overnight", or any other unrealistic, clickbaity, aspirational bullshit! 

What I will tell you though, is that if you want to learn how to use Facebook Ads easily and quickly for your business, and if you want to increase your website traffic, generate leads and create customers then you should invest in my "Beyond the Boost Button" Facebook Advertising Course.
Why You Shouldn't Go It Alone!

You might be thinking "ah sure, I'll just give it a go myself." 

But really for €97, it's a lot easier to learn from someone who has mastered the Facebook Advertising platform and who consistently gets results for clients rather than go through the pain of getting to grips with Ads Manager yourself. 

Trust me, Facebook advertising and online marketing, in general, are not that simple as the Guru's will have you believe. 

It's tough to become successful with Facebook ads, it's complicated, it's confusing and at times, it can be very frustrating. 

But there are ways to cut through the stress, be more efficient with your time, improve your advertising and create systems and strategies to bring clarity and certainty to your sales process. 
The Time is Now...
Facebook Advertising is the most sophisticated and currently most cost-effective advertising platform on the planet. 

You can pinpoint your ideal customers using Facebook's sophisticated targeting techniques and convert them into customers using a range of different advertising formats.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners have realized how effective Facebook Advertising is.

This has led to increased competition to enter into your audience's newsfeed, saturation of the advertising space and as a result, dramatic increases in the cost of advertising on Facebook!

Simple strategies like boosting posts, and creating random promotions are no longer profitable or worthwhile on their own. 

In this course, you will learn how to master the Ads Manager platform and go beyond the boost button to start creating effective and comprehensive Facebook Advertising campaigns. 

And if you have any lingering questions or run into any unexpected problems, there's a private support group where you can get advice and ask questions. 

Ask yourself...

How many sales will you need to get a return on the cost of this course?

I'm guessing it's not too many and you realize this is a no-brainer.